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Since 2001, the United States - Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC) has been running an 18-months internship program for Azerbaijani citizens who are at the start of their education and/or career.

Hosting interns from Azerbaijan in the Unites States broadens the USACC's mission to facilitate Azerbaijan's transition to a market economy and contributes to the local capacity building by providing the interns with an unparalleled learning experience which they can then use to continue their careers or education upon return to Azerbaijan.

During the internship program, two Azerbaijanis receive an opportunity to work at the USACC and to be trained in the basics of management. The work experience combined with the education and experience of living in the United States contributes to the personal and professional growth of these young people who return to Azerbaijan to become an asset in the human capital of their country.

While in Washington, the interns are exposed to American culture and are able to observe first hand the functioning of the U.S. political process. These opportunities not only increase their understanding of the United States and its interests in the region, but also help to provide the interns with a solid understanding of the relations between the two countries.