Board of Directors

The business affairs of USACC are managed by its Board of Directors which is composed of distinguished individuals with an interest in the U.S.-Azerbaijan relationship.

Reza Vaziri, President & CEO, Anglo Asian Mining PLC (Chairman)

Reza Vaziri, a distinguished figure in the mining industry and President of R.V. Investment Group has been actively involved in business with Azerbaijan since just after its independence. Mr. Vaziri's visionary leadership and dedication to fostering economic cooperation have significantly contributed to advancing trade, investment, and mutual understanding between the United States and Azerbaijan.

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Dr. Shapoor Ansari, MD, General Cardiac/Thoracic Surgery (Board Member)

As a medical doctor with specialized knowledge in a diverse range of fields, Dr. Ansari's career has been marked by his unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare and fostering global cooperation. With a distinguished track record in medical research, education, and patient care, Dr. Ansari's dedication to promoting health and well-being has earned him widespread recognition and respect.

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Farhad Azima, Chairman and CEO, ALG (Board Member)

Mr. Farhad Azima, an esteemed aviation industry leader, serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aviation Leasing Group of Companies (ALG) since 1981. ALG's direct involvement in airline operations and technical support has propelled it to own, operate, and manage over 50 aircraft, with Buffalo Airways, an associated company chaired by Mr. Azima, conducting sophisticated training programs for various entities, including the FAA, several other airlines, and the U.S.

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Robert Scher, Head of International Affairs, BP America (Board Member)

With nearly 25 years of experience in senior global affairs and national security roles in the US Government, Mr. Scher's invaluable insights and strategic acumen have made him a key asset in tracking and analyzing US foreign policy as it pertains to BP's businesses worldwide.

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Bryan Lopp, Director, International Operations, Boeing (Board Member)

Mr. Bryan Lopp, a seasoned leader in the aerospace industry, serves as the Director of International Operations at Boeing. Mr. Bryan Lopp's illustrious career at Boeing commenced in August 2011 when he joined the company's Government Operations as Director of International Operations and Policy.

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