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The “U.S. CERTIFIED TRADE MISSION 2023: EXPLORING THE MIDDLE CORRIDOR,” a distinguished business development event, holds the certification and support of esteemed U.S. Government entities, namely the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). This exceptional event is specifically designed to introduce a carefully chosen group of American enterprises to emerging opportunities along the Middle Corridor.

About the Mission

The U.S. Certified Trade Mission 2023: Exploring the Middle Corridor has been designed to provide a networking platform for American freight forwarders, logistics companies, and other supply chain actors, as well as manufacturers to explore the promising trade and transit opportunities along the Middle Corridor.

The United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC) is the authorized entity certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce to organize and oversee this important initiative. USACC in collaboration with the USAID Mission in Azerbaijan has diligently developed the concept and itinerary of the Azerbaijan segment of the mission.

What is the Middle Corridor? 

The Middle Corridor is an emerging transit route connecting economies from Central Asia to the South Caucasus through the Caspian Sea and on into Eastern Europe. Trans-Caspian region’s key geographical location, well-developed logistics infrastructure and state-of-the-art port and air cargo facilities present promising opportunities for transiting goods and services between Europe and Asia.

The COVID-related supply chain disruptions and the ongoing geopolitical shifts in Eastern Europe revealed how susceptible supply chains are against unpredicted changes. The Russia-Ukraine war alone has disrupted many supply chains that have led to an increase in prices of commodities including fertilizers, food products, and oil and gas.

The European and U.S. sanctions imposed in connection with the war in Ukraine have redesigned the entire landscape of shipments in the Central Eurasian region. Not only transiting goods through traditional Eurasian routes, but also insuring freight through the Russia-Belarus corridor has become impossible.

In these new circumstances, the Middle Corridor that connects economies in Central Asia, South Caucasus and Eastern Europe emerges as a necessity. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, over one thousand companies curtailed their operations in Russia. Economies along the Middle Corridor are rapidly becoming a new destination for American and European companies.

Who can join?

This trade mission is open the U.S. companies, service providers, investors and consultants specializing in one or more of the following fields:

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Freight forwarding
  • 3PL service providers
  • Importers, Exporters and Shippers
  • Air Cargo
  • Dry port management
  • Transportation infrastructure development


  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Renewables
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Digital economy

Participation fee: 

To join the mission participants are required to pay a participation fee. Depending on the size of a business, participants will be charged in the following amounts:

Small Medium Large
$1,500 $2,000 $2,500

NOTE: Each additional attendee will be charged $350.


The U.S. Certified Trade Mission 2023: Exploring the Middle Corridor offers U.S. Companies the following opportunities:

  • Explore national economies.
  • Learn about tariff policies, customs and cross-border processing.
  • Learn how to increase profits and overcome international barriers.
  • Network with leading regional industry experts and high-ranking government officials.
  • Identify and meet prospective partners, customers, agents and distributors.
  • Meet one-on-one with key regional experts and government authorities to discuss market entry strategies and insight.


A travel visa is REQUIRED to participate in this mission. We recommend that all participants apply as soon as possible. For any questions related to visa, please, contact us 202.294.4528 or alternatively, email us at [email protected].

For inquiries, please contact us:

Natig Bakhishov
Executive Director
The United States-Azerbaijan
Chamber of Commerce, (USACC)
C: 202.294.4528
E: [email protected]

Nural Aliyev
Project Coordinator
The United States-Azerbaijan
Chamber of Commerce, (USACC)
C: 202.922.9344
E: [email protected]